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2011 - 2013 | Various. Curated by Gabriel Jones.

ARTISTS: Pierre ARDOUVIN, Bianca ARGIMON, Ismail BAHRI, Roger BALLEN, Robert BARRY, Dominique BLAIS, Alice-Anne BRASSAC, Anne BRÉGEAUT, Fouad BOUCHOUCHA, Guillaume BRESSON, Michel DE BROIN, Jean-François BOUCHARD, Timothée CHAILLOU, Delphine CHEVROT, Guillaume CONSTANTIN, Raphael DALLAPORTA, Alain DECLERCQ, Estrella ESTEVEZ, Théodore FIVEL, Thomas FONTAINE, Vincent GANIVET, Agnes GEOFFRAY, Laura HENNO, Gabriel JONES, Jean-Francois LEROY, Thomas MAILAENDER, Joseph MARZOLLA, Vincent MAUGER, Mathieu MERCIER, Aurelien MOLE, Benoit PAILLEY, Ghislaine PORTALIS, Julien PRÉVIEUX, Shanta RAO, Amanda RIFFO, Jeanne SUSPLUGAS, Dorothée SMITH, Julien TIBÉRI, Jérome TRINSSOUTROP, Felice VARINI, Jacques VIEILLE, Cyrille WEINER.

Between 2011 and 2013, Jones presented a series of five exhibitions entitled Inside Studio E1. He invited 40 artists to exhibit their work in his Montmartre studio, during his artist residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts de Paris. The works where collected and presented within his live and work space, suggesting a close relationship between visitors and art. Highlighting handwriting and signatures, the names of the artists where written on the studio walls and simply scratched out when the next exhibition was up. This way the studio walls where covered by the forty names, eventually all scratched out. For each exhibition Jones edited a multiple signed by the artists.

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